According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the average Pinoy family uses 55.7 percent of their funds on one very costly item: food. Yes, food! And it comes as no surprise—food is far from cheap. In fact, the prices for rice, fruits, veggies, and other supermarket staples will only continue increasing year on year.
Unfortunate statics aside, it shouldn’t keep you from stocking up your pantry. You can very well fill up your shopping cart for less. And no, it won’t involve clipping coupons or waiting on the next storewide sale. To prove it’s possible, we came up with a list of 24 local food and vitamin swaps to slash a large chunk of your spendings. All without scrimping on the stuff you and your family love. Scroll!

1. If you like the Ancient Harvest Tri-Color Quinoa
TRY: Raw Bites Tri-Color Quinoa (500g), now on sale at P401 (limited time only)
The multi-colored symphony of quinoa adds a pop of color to your plate, plus protein, fiber, and other crucial vitamins and minerals.

2. If you like the Athlene Nutrition Active Whey Protein
TRY: Wheyl Nutrition Co. Just Mocha Java Whey Protein (454g), P550
With a flavor (and kick!) similar to a mocha Frappuccino, Wheyl’s clean protein makes the perfect fuel for your workout.

3. If you like the Bare Barney Almond Butter
TRY: Rose’s Kitchen Roasted Almond (200g), now on sale at P330 (limited time only)
Made with only roasted almonds and pink sea salt, this smooth and satisfying peanut spread is a staple for any pantry.

4. If you like the Bee’s Wrap Reusable Food Wraps
TRY: Raw Bites Beeswax Wraps Lemons (Set of 3), P625
Ideal for sustainable kitchens or simply packing waste-free lunches, this 3-pack of washable food wraps are made to use again (and again).

5. If you like the Bob’s Red Mill Granola
TRY: Nature’s Sensation Original Granola (454g), P386
Loaded with fruits and a medley of other filling ingredients, this cereal is sure to start your morning on a positive foot.

6. If you like the Brother’s All Natural Fruit Crisps (8g)
TRY: 7Grains Company Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps, P170
Crunchy and oh-so-yummy, these freeze-dried fruit crisps preserve 90% of its original vitamin and mineral content—a must for clean snackers!

7. If you like the Bulletproof Ground Coffee
TRY: SOZO Natural Bulletproof Coffee Set (250ml), P1,445
This set includes all the makings of the perfect cup of keto-friendly java: organic coffee plus an MCT oil-infused creamer to jumpstart your metabolism.

8. If you like the Cadia Brown Rice Spaghetti
TRY: 7Grains Company Organic Yellow Soybean Protein Pasta, P160
With the satisfaction of the average pasta and less calories, this protein-loaded pasta makes a wonderful substitute for people on a wellness kick.

9. If you like the Coconut Secret Coco Aminos
TRY: Greenlife Home of Coconut Products Organic Sap Aminos (150ml), P85
Made from the fermented sap of coconut palm, this salty and savory liquid offers your food a flavor similar to soy sauce—and yet, it’s completely soy free!

10. If you like the Edazen Toasted Lightly Salted Edamame
TRY: Founding Farmers Salted Roasted Edamame, P80
Curb your salty chip cravings with this protein-packed edamame, which offers just as much crunch to keep you satisfied.

11. If you like the Kevita Master Brew Kombucha
TRY: Soul Brew PH Kombucha Classic Flavor (500ml), P150
Spritely and slightly fruity with a flavor profile similar to a post-work libation, this classic kombucha with a symbiotic culture to keep your stomach in check.

12. If you like the Kuli Kuli Organic Pure Moringa Powder Vegetable Powder
TRY: Farm to Folk Organic Moringa Powder (250g), now on sale at P252 (limited time only)
Called the “Miracle Tree” or “Leaf,” moringa contains a wide range of nutrients and minerals to improve your life’s quality—from promoting sleep to preventing stress.

13. If you like the Miracle Noodle Angel Hair
TRY: 7Grains Company Skinny Carbs Shirataki Noodles, P115
This shirataki pasta is made from a starch found in the konjac yam, making it a virtually zero calorie and carb indulgence.

14. If you like the Miracle Noodle Shirataki Pasta
TRY: SOZO Natural Shirataki Spaghetti (270g), P150
Also made of shirataki, these pasta noodles will soak up all the flavors in soups and your favorite sauces.

15. If you like the Nativa Organics Goji Berries
TRY: Raw Bites Goji Berries (50g), P115
Loved for centuries for its wealth of antioxidants, these Goji berries provide a super fruit boost to oatmeal, trail mix, and more.

16. If you like the Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal
TRY: Philippine Pure Activated Charcoal (150 Capsules), now on sale at P476 (limited time only)
With the power to absorb unwanted particles, these activated charcoal pills work to improve state of your stomach.

17. If you like the Navitas Cacao Nibs
TRY: Farm to Folk Crunchy Cacao Nibs with Organic Coconut Nectar (250g), now on sale at P234 (limited time only)
You wouldn’t know these cacao pieces were considered a “superfood”—they’re just as sweet as chocolate chips!

18. If you like the Neocell Collagen Drink
TRY: Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink (14 Sachets), P1,593
Just one packed of this collagen powder is packed with all the stuff to promote smooth and supple skin from the inside out.

19. If you like the Prana Organic Dark Chocolate Bark (113g)
TRY: Snack Box Triple Chocolate Brownie Crunch, now on sale at P75 (limited time only)
This crispy and ultra chocolatey snack lets you indulge in your favorite flavors with a clean conscience.

20. If you like the Pyure Stevia Sweetener
TRY: Natural Health Stevia Sachets (1g x 30 sachets), P130
A sprinkling of this sugarless plant-sourced powder adds sweetness to everything from coffee and tea to smoothies and cookies.

21. If you like the Sahale Snacks Trail Mix
TRY: The Green Tummy I’m Nuts About You Trail Mix (140g), P199
Constantly on the move? Pack this snack mix: it contains almonds, fruits, cacao nibs, and seeds to keep you fueled.

22. If you like the Stojo Biggie
TRY: Kool Foldable Bottle (500ml), P599
Whether for coffee or just plain water, this foldable vessel is made from silicone so your liquids stay safe from contaminants and perfectly warm or cold.

23. If you like the Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
TRY: Pure Bliss Lavender Essential Oil (18ml), P275
Most popular for its purported anti-stress properties, sniffing the aromatic scent of lavender will calm the mind when you’re feeling anxious.

24. If you like the Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
TRY: Pure Bliss Peppermint Essential Oil (18ml), P275
Simultaneously fortifying and comforting, the powerful scent of peppermint will awaken the senses and provide you with an instant pick-me-up.

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