If your pantry’s looking bare, then it might need some serious restocking. Luckily, the BeautyMNL HQ is packed with everything you need—from creamy, nutty butters and indulgent, chocolatey snacks, to fat-burning drink powders and protein blends.
So, whether you’re a vegan, a body builder, or just plain hungry, you can bet that we’ve got something for you to eat! Check out our 21 top picks, below!

1. The Green Tummy Organic Flaxseeds (140g), P150. An ancient superfood that’s rich in minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.
2. Kaffea Coffee with Coco Sugar (12 Sachets), P250. A nutritious coffee enriched with L-Carnitine, collagen and glutathione, and phytonutrients.
3. Dentiste’ Love Mint (50s), P395. Refreshing breath mints made with a natural oil blend that promotes digestive health.
4. Wheyl Nutrition Co. Just Naked White Whey Protein, P550. A smooth, creamy, all-natural protein drink.
5. Manila Superfoods Chia Seeds (100g), P135. Tiny (but powerful!) seeds that are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber—perfect for smoothies and breakfast bowls!
6. Made by Maxi Almond Butter (Plain Roasted), P385. A vegan-friendly butter made with 100% roasted almonds. A healthier alternative to commercial peanut butter.
7. Nutrifam Organic Coconut Sugar (500g), P225. A natural, low-glycemic sugar that can serve as a replacement for refined table sugar and other artificial sweeteners.
8. 7Grains Company Organic Edamame Protein Pasta, P160. An organic, low-cal pasta made from high-quality green beans.
9. True Lemon (12 Packets), P160. A flavoring made from authentic, cold-processed lemons, ideal for adding a citrusy kick to any beverage or dish.
10. The Superfood Grocer Matcha Green Tea Powder (50g), P375. A fat-burning powder that boosts energy levels, detoxifies the digestive system, and restores vitality.
11. Fitique Nutrition Skinny Whey Isolate with Collagen (Iced Coffee), P1,800. A collagen-infused beverage that aids in weight loss and promotes healthy, glowing skin.
12. Rose’s Kitchen Cinnamon Almond Cashew (200g), P370. A handcrafted, nutty blend of almonds, cashews, coconut sugar, and cinnamon. Sprinkled with a touch of Himalayan pink sea salt.
13. Roarganics Pure Pea Protein (1000g), P2,000. A plant-based protein that helps build and strengthen muscles.
14. Snack Box Triple Chocolate Brownie Crunch, P85. A decadent snack made with Davao chocolate and Belgian chocolate chips.
15. Oh So Healthy Mango Sweet Potato Banana Fruit Crisps, P95. A flavorful mix of dried mango, sweet potato, and banana chips—perfect for snacking on at the office!
16. Pik-a-Pikel Spicy Pickled Mangoes (350g), P204. A tangy, crunchy snack that pairs well with any home-cooked Filipino meal.
17. Laurin Coco MCT Oil (500ml), P800. An all-natural oil that enhances physical performance and effectively burns fat.
18. Take Root Kale Chips (Vegan Cheeze), P220. A guiltless, cheesy snack rich in phytonutrients.
19. Bracha Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother”, P178. A natural tonic that supports immunity and protects against chronic disease.
20. Bzzz PH Honey (350ml), P280. Bright, energizing honey sourced from the Mountain Province.
21. Philippine Pure Turmeric Powder (200g), P300. An anti-inflammatory herb that can be readily integrated into beverages, rice, and savory dishes.
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