By now, you probably know our BeautyMNL Wellness section provides a wellspring of items health and wellness. We have over 4,500 products—plenty of which you will see nowhere else on the Internet. There are 150+ health and wellness brands exclusive to BeautyMNL, including popular name brands like Modern Rituals by HIMA, Pure Bliss, and Roarganics. So, whether your looking to pick up something in a pinch or buy your next big haul, you’re bound to see it on our e-shelves.

To start, we made a list of 20 popular brands’ most-beloved items with prices starting at just P40. Scroll!


1. Opulence Nutrawhite L-Glutathione with NAC and Vitamin C, P1,399
Each capsule has 6 lightening agents with L-glutathione, NAC, and vitamin C as its key ingredients to protect against environmental stressors while leaving your skin smoother and more supple.

Shop Opulence here.


2. Roarganics BGC Weight Loss Blend in 1kg, now on sale at P2,399 (limited time only), and 180g, now on sale at P719 (limited time only)
Combining barley grass, green coffee extract, and garcinia cambogia, the pre-made mix increases the metabolism, keeps you full, and shaves off unwanted pounds. Just stir it in water!

Shop Roarganics here.


3. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Original (180ml), P40
A vegan swap for cow’s milk—almond milk offers a creamy mouthfeel and the perfect amount of sweetness. Perfect for cereal, smoothies, and more!

Shop Blue Diamond here.

4. Nuttin’ Better Omega-3 Heart Healthy Mix, P195
A pack contains 3 nut varieties, plus cranberries and pumpkin seeds—all jam-packed with omega-3 fatty acids to support heart health and keep energy levels high.

Shop Nuttin’ Better here.

5. The Green Tummy Superfood Starter Kit, P699
A starter kit with 3 superfoods: chia seeds, flaxseeds, and quinoa to load you up on omega-3s, fiber, and protein, among other vitamins and minerals.

Shop The Green Tummy here.


6. Lorenz Sea Salt & Pepper Potato Chips (100g), P75
Perfectly crisped potato chips seasoned with the classic combination of salt and pepper. Just one chip is guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

Shop Lorenz here.

7. Snack Box Triple Chocolate Brownie Crunch, now on sale at P70 (limited time only)
A snack made of chocolate, chocolate, and MORE chocolate. The ingredients list includes cocoa powder, unsweetened chocolate, and chocolate chunks. Yum!

Shop Snack Box here.


8. Philippine Pure Chia Seeds (350g), now on sale at P400 (limited time only)
Healthy and oh-so-versatile, chia seeds amp up salads, puddings, or plain water, while providing an extra punch of omega-3s, antioxidants, iron, calcium, and zinc.

Shop Philippine Pure here.

9. The Superfood Grocer Cacao Nibs Coated in Coconut Sugar 1/2 lb. (227g), P250
Cacao morsels coated in a layer of low-glycemic coconut sugar, making a guiltless swap to sweet snacks while providing an organic source of antioxidants and iron.

Shop The Superfood Grocer here.


10. Chi Beauty Jade Roller, now on sale at P1,299 (limited time only)
Made with precious jade stone, the roller irons out stress lines and minimizes puffiness around the eyes, cheeks, and jawline.

Shop Chi Beauty here.

11. HIMA Himalayan Salt Lamps in 1-2kg, now on sale at P796 (limited time only), 2-3kg, now on sale at P1,000 (limited time only), 3-5kg, now on sale at P1,240 (limited time only)
The 100% Himalayan salt lamp contains negative ions which are said to help purify the air of allergens, smoke, and other harmful pollutants.

Shop HIMA here.

12. Modern Rituals by HIMA Rose Quartz Guasha, now on sale at P1,036 (limited time only)
Carved out of the “love stone,” rose quartz, the gua sha massages skin to lift sagging muscles and lessen puffy under-eyes.

Shop Modern Rituals by HIMA here.


13. YogaLove Healing Cream Tub (200g), P550
The cream gently warms skin and stimulates circulation to soothe aches and pains and keep muscles loose. Plus, it smells great—not like your usual muscle creams!

Shop YogaLove here.


14. Pure Bliss Room Spray (250ml), now on sale at P212 (limited time only)
A spray made of various essential oil combinations to clean odor-laden air, leaving a pleasant scent in its wake. It comes in 3 variants to suit any personality.

Shop Pure Bliss here.


15. Déjà-Poo Poo Spray in Mint (60ml), now on sale at P188 (limited time only)
A spray made especially to mask the most embarrassing odors, it neutralizes potent smells and scent the air with the smell of cool mint.

Shop Déjà-Poo here.

16. Tidy Heidy Instant Stain Remover, P115
A cleansing stick made with gentle yet effective ingredients to lift away grass, mud, grease stains and more.

Shop Tidy Heidy here.


17. Acqua Bottles Insulated Water Bottle, P799
An insulated water vessel to keep liquids hot (12 hours) or ice-cold (24 hours) while you are on the go. Perfect on long car rides or for the office.

Shop Acqua Bottles here.


18. Stasher Bag Sandwich, P780
A container made out of silicone as strong as glass, so you can safely store, freeze, and cook your food. Plus, it keeps your food fresher for long periods.

Shop Stasher here.


19. Active Resistance Tube Trainer, P2,500
A simple and unique system for a complete workout. Its versatile form allows you to perform a myriad of strength movements at any fitness level.

Shop Active here.


20. Wheyl Nutrition Co. Just+ Mighty Matcha Whey Protein (454g), P650
The powder mix combines muscle-increasing whey protein with authentic matcha powder to provide an extra punch of antioxidants.

Shop Wheyl Nutrition Co. here.

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