With local wellness on the rise, it’s been much easier to source our essentials from brands that are distinctly Pinoy. But still, that doesn’t mean we don’t have room in our carts for international faves, too! And that’s really the beauty of having all of this to choose from. Whether you want to go global or stick closer to home, you can shop ‘til you’re full-up on all your must-haves. No special pasalubong requests necessary!

So, what imported goods have we been stocking up on lately? Below, we round up our favorite brands for supplements, snacks, staples, and even activewear, with our best-of-the-best recos. Shop ‘em now and save yourself the luggage space later!

These instant health-boosters promise to help with everything from hair and skin to gut health and brain function. Gummies, capsules, powders—whatever your preferred method, there’s a supplement that’s sure to work its wonders on you.

BEAUTY 1. SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins (60 Gummies), P1,855 (limited time only). Instagram-famous gummies that taste like candy but are fortified with hair-friendly vitamins for luscious locks. 2. Neocell Super Collagen+C (250 Tablets), P2,499 (limited time only). Pure collagen protein with brightening vitamin C to boost overall bodily growth and repair. 3. Tonik Hemp Seed Oil, P1,250 (limited time only). Seed-derived and cold-pressed capsules that offer essential fatty acids for plumper, more nourished skin.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT 4. Puritan’s Pride L-Carnitine 500 mg (120 Caps), P1,300 (limited time only). Nitrogen supplements that encourage fat metabolism and increase energy during high-intensity workouts. 5. Piping Rock Probiotic-10 Complex 3 Billion Organisms (120 Capsules), P880 (limited time only). Handy probiotics that promote better digestion by supplying the gut with good bacteria.

ENERGY 6. Moon Juice Brain Dust Bottle (42.5g), P2,499. An adaptogenic blend of herbs and mushrooms that minimize stress for mental clarity, stamina, and a more positive mood.

These good-for-you options come in a variety of flavors and textures that satisfy sweet tooths, salt fiends, and everyone in between, so you can indulge your snack habit without any of the guilt. Live a little!

SWEET 7. Rude Health Peanut Snack Bar (35g), P95. A chewy bar made with peanuts and sweetened with fiber-rich dates for a clean yet filling snack that will keep you moving. 8. Quest Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie (59g), P175. An “indulgent” cookie packed with 15g of protein for a guiltless workout treat.

SAVORY 9. Lorenz Sea Salt & Pepper Potato Chips (100g), P75. Seasoned potato chips baked in sunflower oil for a more waistline-friendly alternative to your favorite crisps. 10. Ten Acre Sweet Chilli Potato Crisps (135g), P165. Hand-cooked potato chips flavored with sweet chili for an addictive, vegan-friendly kick. 11. Cornitos Nacho Crisps Spinach (70g), P143 (limited time only). Corn and spinach tortilla chips deliciously seasoned with Italian herbs and made with zero trans fat.

These are the pantry essentials to always have in stock, so your bases are always covered. Supercharged coffee, all-purpose seasonings, vegan alternatives: we’ve got them all right here and ready for the kitchen. 12. Bragg Nutritional Yeast, P475. A low-sodium seasoning that can be added to various foods, and is widely used to make homemade vegan “cheeses” or “cheese” blends. 13. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil (16oz), P1,590. A versatile, easy-to-blend, energy-boosting oil that helps you burn fat faster without weighing you down. 14. True Lemon (12 packets), P160. Crystallized lemon flavoring made from pure lemon oil that bears the authentic taste of fresh lemons. 15. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Original (180ml), P40. A healthy, dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk derived from almonds and made with minimal ingredients. 16. Rebel Kitchen Coffee Organic Coconut Mylk (330ml), P125. A dairy-free coffee made with coconut milk and sweetened with dates for a vegan-friendly pick-me-up. 17. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee With Cordyceps (Box of 10), P780. An instant coffee mix enhanced with adaptogenic mushrooms for more energy and better performance.

These activewear basics make fitness so much easier—not to mention, just a little bit more stylish. You can even wear ‘em out of the gym! 18. Tesla Yoga Pants High-Waist Tummy Control in Gray, P1,399. Ultra stretchable, high-waist leggings that are figure-flattering and comfortable worn casually or in an intense workout.

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