Shopping for a preggy lady or a hot momma who’s just given birth? These Mother’s Day treats will put a smile on her face.

1 Allerhand’s Quick Fix Diaper Changing Pouch, P1,260
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: A plethora of pockets and detachable baby accessories (including biodegradable nappy bags) make this pouch a post-pregnancy must-have.

2 Bella B’s Honey Bum Diaper Rash Butter, P500 WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: This anti-rash cream will save baby the tears and Mommy the worry.

3 Moo Goo’s Nappy Balm, on sale at P905
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: This baby-safe balm prevents diaper-induced rashes with natural oils like sunflower, jojoba, and olive.

4 Tangle Teezer’s Magic Flowerpot Detangling Brush, P1,110
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: Designed for use in the bath, this adorable brush unravels the tangled locks of toddlers and up. Its teeth are extra gentle, so don’t worry about tugging and pulling.

5-6 Zenutrients’ Mild & Gentle Baby Shampoo and Conditioner, P312 each
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT ‘EM: Do your giftee a favor and stock up on this tender-loving hair care duo, good for both mothers and babies.

7 Bella B’s Bee Gone Cradle Cap Foaming Shampoo, P550
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: Tiny tots suffer from dry scalps just like the rest of us! Send mommy a bottle of this hypoallergenic cure, which targets flaky, itchy scalps in both newborns and infants.

8 Shiseido’s Honey Cake Baby Soap, P358
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: Suitable for the face and body, this Japanese beauty secret butters up a baby’s skin with luscious honey extracts. Moms should try it, too!

9 The Soap Farm’s Vanilla Heart Deux, on sale at P200
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: What mom can resist a vanilla-scented heart-to-heart?

10 Kuu Konjac’s Baby Sponge, on sale at P450
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: Has your mommy friend been fretting over her child’s eczema? This 100% natural sponge deep-cleanses super-sensitive skin. No colors, additives, or preservatives.

11 Clarins’ Stretch Mark Control, P3,135
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: If you’re planning to get a girl a stretch mark solution, you might as well give her the most iconic one in the world. Clarins’ self-explanatory cream diminishes any existing stretch marks, anywhere on the body, and even prevents new ones from surfacing. Oh, yeah.

12 Moo Goo’s Mudder Udder Balm, on sale at P978
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: This nip salve is a godsend for breastfeeding moms. And what’s more, the formula is so safe, it’s edible! Hungry babies can latch on immediately after application.

13 VMV Hypoallergenics’ Grandma Minnie’s Mommycoddling All-Over Lotion, P360 (also available in 185ml)
WHY SHE’LL LOVE IT: This mild and creamy lotion swathes baby’s skin in cashmere softness. It also reduces the “itchy belly issue” commonly experienced by new moms!

14-16 Leaders InSolution’s Refreshing Soothing Mask and Aquaringer Skin Clinic Mask, P148 each, Aloe Soothing Skin Renewal Mask, P98
WHY SHE’LL LOVE ‘EM: Hey, now, not everything should be about the baby. Every hot momma should indulge in a couple face masks whenever she has a spare 30 minutes (or, er, 15).

17-20 Knocked Up Nails’ Preggers in Pink, Bahama Mama, Mom’s Night Out, and Mum in Plum, P550 each
WHY SHE’LL LOVE ‘EM: Is the new mom paranoid about every product she uses? Tell her these nail polishes are especially designed for women with children. Every gorgeous shade by Knocked Up Nails boasts of a 5-free, kid-friendly, maternity-safe blend—pinky promise.