Caught a case of the Mondays? Luckily, we know what can improve your workweek in a pinch: a SALE—and not just any sale, mind you. We’re having a Wellness sale with all items at 20% OFF. Yes, ladies, you can shop all 2,953+ wellness items at a fraction of their cost. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on pantry staples, cross off wish list items, or chuck whatever you fancy into your cart.

The only catch? Our sale is on October 22, 2018 only, so you might want to act fast. In order to assist you in navigating the assortment, we put together a list of 20 fancy wellness items you can purchase. You can also check out our Wellness Sale Tab for the full catalogue. Consider yourself cured of your Monday malaise!

1. Anytime Menstrual Cup Menstrual Cup PLUS (Size 1), P875

WHY IT’S AMAZING: This contentious tampon-alternative makes your menstruation comfortable, preventing leaky accidents and frequent powder room visits.

Shop it here.

2. Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink (14 Sachets), P1,593

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Containing two of the world’s most potent anti-aging ingredients—collagen and hyaluronic acid—these packets help promote youthful-looking skin, hair, and nails in one.

Shop it here.

3. Bulletproof Collagen Protein Powder (16oz), P2,160

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Made with protein sourced from pasture-raised cows, this collagen-infused powder offers a neutral-tasting and odorless protein that won’t coagulate or clump up. Perfect for your smoothies!

Shop it here.

4. Chi Beauty Extra Wide Jade Roller, P2,190

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Wake up your complexion with the healing properties of the jade stone: it promotes internal circulation, helping reduce puffiness and noticeable under-eye circles.

Shop it here.

5. Chicco Natural Feeling 2m+ 250ml Regular Flow (Inclined), P650

WHY IT’S AMAZING: This feeding bottle is designed to mimic the natural sensation of breastfeeding. It’s made with a silicone material for a soft latch and promotes the proper neck positioning for newborns.

Shop it here.

6. doTERRA Slim and Sassy Essential Oil, P1,900

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Want to manage hunger cravings? This essential oil mixture combines ingredients that can accelerate the metabolism and reduce those dreaded “hanger” pangs.

Shop it here.

7. Gubby and Hammy Premium Always & Forever Straw Set, P785

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Whoever said sustainability isn’t stylish was dead wrong. This planet-loving 3-straw set is the best of both worlds, which makes keeping away from single-use plastic a painless endeavor.

Shop it here.

8. Heliocare Pure White Radiance Capsules, P3,500

WHY IT’S AMAZING: As the name implies, these capsules will make your skin look supremely luminous. It prevents the production of melanin and protects against worldly stressors, lighting you up from within naturally.

Shop it here.

9. Herbs of the Earth Melatonin+ Sleep Faster, P1,000

WHY IT’S AMAZING: On nights when you’re tossing and turning, try popping one of these. A natural antidote for insomniacs, it helps overhaul circadian rhythms that are out of whack.

Shop it here.

10. Kool Foldable Bottle (500ml), P599

WHY IT’S AMAZING: This reusable water bottle is designed to fit where others don’t. It shrinks down to a fraction of its size—perfect for storing in your purse.

Shop it here.

11. Manuka Health MGO 100+ Manuka Honey (500g), P2,600

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Not just any honey, this variety originates from New Zealand and is packed with live enzymes and complex sugars. Basically, it’s one of the most health-beneficial honeys out there.

Shop it here.

12. Outdoor Voices 7/8 Springs Leggings in Navy/Deep Sea/Mist, P4,590

WHY IT’S AMAZING: These Internet-famous leggings stretch with you as you move—whether you’re doing yoga, running, or in the midst of finishing your to-do list.

Shop it here.

13. Perfect Fitness Bands Kit, P1,999

WHY IT’S AMAZING: These lightweight stretchy bands provide you with a full-body workout wherever, whenever you want. It’s perfect for traveling or just breaking a sweat in your bedroom.

Shop it here.

14. Puma Fenty Espadrille in Black or Sulphur Spring, P5,750

WHY IT’S AMAZING: This RiRi-approved twist on the classic espadrilles will take your outfit from casual to cool. With a suede upper and a beautifully braided jute midsole, you’ll be hitting the streets in style.

Shop it here and here.

15. Roarganics BGC Weight Loss Package, P3,000

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Utilizing the power of barley extract and green coffee (BGC), this weight loss program will boost your metabolism and shave inches off—and with huge success!

Shop it here.

16. SOZO Natural Auto-Ketosis Bundle, P4,270

WHY IT’S AMAZING: As its name promises, this package was curated specifically for individuals who want to achieve a state of ketosis. With this, you will see the fat melt off instantly.

Shop it here.

17. The Superfood Grocer StarterPack 7-Piece Set, P1,495

WHY IT’S AMAZING: This kit is a buffet of superfoods, jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients. Sprinkle these body-loving dusts into your food or smoothies for a healthy kick.

Shop it here.

18. Tinytea 28 Gluten-Free, P2,800

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Sipping on this herbal drink blend offers the same benefits of a full-on detox. It’s a natural diuretic which releases water and bodily nasties, plus reduces bloating.

Shop it here.

19. Tides Lifestyle Simple Diffuser Starter Set, P5,800

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Anyone’s infatuation with aromatherapy is amiss without a diffuser. This one doubles as a mood light which shifts hues as it releases a scent of your liking into the atmosphere.

Shop it here.

20. Hima PH Himalayan Salt Lamp (2-3kg), P1,250

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Carved from an ancient Himalayan salt crystal, this light source emits negative ions as it warms. The negative ions are thought to clear the air and unpleasant odors. Plus, it’s just so pretty!

Shop it here.


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