The holidays in one word? Hectic. Being forced to put off your gift-shopping—no matter how much of a planner you are—can and will happen. But when there’s a will, there’s a way—and your way out of this procrastinating mess is the last-minute shopping guide below. We’ve picked out these presents so carefully, your friends and fam will never know they slipped your mind. Pinky-swear!


Gifting makeup requires some tricky shade-matching, but a practical brush set is a one-size-fits-all purchase. When in doubt, go for the basics! These starter kits include only the most essential tools and are guaranteed to please both noobs and pros.

1. Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives 7-Piece Personal Brush Set, now on sale at P638 (limited time only)
2. Suesh 5-Piece Back-to-Back Set, P1,200
3. Eco Tools Day to Night Set, P1,150


Packed with personality and beautifully bottled, a signature scent practically screams thoughtfulness. The ones we’re recommending are universal fragrances. While each one exudes its own style, the subtle aromas and minimalist design are sure to appeal to everyone.

1. Radioactive Mushrooms In The Forest Toshi, P800
2. Giorgio Armani Sun Di Gioia (30mL), P2,500
3. Scent Swatch Champagne Eau de Parfum, P399


Nothing says “zen” like lighting up a scented candle. Give your most stressed-out friend one of these aromatic wicks for some well-deserved relaxation. Made with natural ingredients, each candle fills the room with a delectable, evocative ambiance. It’ll warm both the home and the heart.

1. Happy Island Candle Co. Salted Caramel (8oz), P499
2. Zenutrients All Is Well Candle (3oz), P250


For jetsetters, it’s all about practicality. Tickle their fancy with a travel-friendly pouch! These ones are made with sturdy material and designed with just enough room to store essentials. They’ll help a girl stay organized in transit and look cute while she’s at it.

1. Coco & Tres Zippered Pouches (Set of 3), P995
2. Too Cool for School Emma Pouch, now on sale at P409 (limited time only)
3. Halo + Halo Feelings Pouch (Medium), P200


When you’ve been good for a whole year, it’s only fair to indulge during the holidays. Make the most of it with a spa-inspired body oil. Infused with moisturizing ingredients and mood-boosting aromas, these lightweight oils keep the skin soft, smooth, and supple from top to toe.

1. Leyende Yves Massage in a Bottle, P450
2. Brown Belly Swimwear Mermaid Body Oil, P420
3. By Nature Soft ‘N Supple Oil Over (Light), now on sale at P452 (limited time sale)


For beauty that’s more than skin-deep, skip the cosmetics and opt for a detoxifying tea. These all-natural concoctions help flush out harmful toxins and keep the complexion healthy from the inside out. Your recipient can literally sip his or her way to clearer skin!

1. TinyTea Skin Magic Tea, P1,800
2. Tea Concept Detox Tea (Small), now on sale at P420 (limited time only)

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