When it comes to taking care of babies, mothers only want the best. But with so many options out there, it can be time-consuming to research and determine what those products are. So, where do expecting and new mothers start?

That’s why we gathered the top-reviewed 15 Mom & Baby products, as recommended by moms themselves. From baby shampoo and powder, to teething gel and laundry powder, here are the tried-and-tested products that have made motherhood easier.

1. Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder, P385

Wendy, 35: “I’ve been searching for a powder that will give my face a fresh and shine-free look. I’m glad that I learned about this one from a friend. Excess oil no more. The other thing that I like about this product is it’s not messy to use.”

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2. Zenutrients Mild & Gentle Baby Shampoo, P325

Rose, 41: “I decided to try this Mild & Gentle Baby Shampoo by Zenutrients out of curiosity for my twin boys. I loved the fact that it is made from natural ingredients which is very safe for my babies’ sensitive skin… I tried it also on my hair and it also cleans my hair very well. I would definitely buy another bottle very soon!

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3. Tiny Buds Natural Teething Gel Stage 1, P105

Jeaunace: ”… I’ve been using products from Tiny Buds and it’s really worth the price. I just wanted to give it a try during my first purchase and I’m happy that I did. I found the perfect product for my 16-month old son.

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4. Tiny Buds Rice Baby Lotion, P185

Yeyet: “I got this on sale which is a really a plus for a budget-conscious mama…” The scent is also very mild and baby-friendly. I am planning to use it on my face soon (together with Tiny Buds’ baby wash).”

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5. Roarganics Ground Milk Thistle (250g), now on sale at P720 (limited time only)

Karla, 26: “AMAZING MILKING BOMB! This product has been amazing for me for a month now, I am breastfeeding for 15 months now… Hindi ko naman masasabi na nag increase but it really helped maintain it. Mix feeding din kasi ako dahil mababa milk supply ko. It improves lang ng konti, from 2 oz na one pumping sesh sa office, naging 3 oz. I now take home around 6 oz for my baby. Love this! THIS IS REALLY AN ESSENTIAL AT THE KITCHEN!”

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6. Tiny Buds Natural Insect Bite Gel - After Bites! (20g), P175

Rio, 31: “I love this product, it’s very effective. I tried it on myself and I was amazed by its soothing effect. True to its claim indeed. My husband even tried it and he was amazed too hehe I’m just happy to find this product and brand. Thanks you Tiny Buds for creating this ointment for our babies…“

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7. Tiny Buds Natural Diaper & Rash Cream - In a Rash, P179

Denielou: ”… I bought one to try [it], and I wasn’t wrong. It totally gives a soothing feels on my baby skin, [and] not just on the bum. Been using this also on her face and neck whenever I saw redness/itchiness. Love the fact that whenever you buy TinyBuds products, it goes to WWF-Philippines Environmental Project. It’s a win-win purchase!

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8. Tiny Buds Natural Laundry Powder Pack, P145

Xyndey, 26: “As a first time mom, I always want what’s best for my baby. So before I gave birth, I’ve been looking for mild detergents to use for my little one. Luckily, I discovered Tiny Buds online and here on BeautyMNL! It smelled something like coconut, which I like! Best to partner this with their fabric conditioner.”

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9. Tiny Buds Natural Rice Baby Powder, P135

Laarni: “This is a Tiny Buds bestseller for a reason. It’s mild enough for babies, it doesn’t cause allergies, the texture is smooth enough, and it keeps babies smelling fresh with a mild scent. This is also good for adults and is non-irritating when used on the face.”

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10. SunMum Breastmilk Storage Bags (20s), P169

Xyndey, 26: “The quality of this breast milk storage bag exceeded my expectations. It is so good! I love the triple ziplock because I’m assured that my expressed milk are safe to be frozen. Love that it’s very affordable too… And I love that’s it’s available here in BeautyMNL because I can shop for makeups and baby essentials without fuss.”

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11. Lab46 Babycare Wonder Wash Soap Bar, P120

Jen, 38: “I liked the fact that this is fragrance free and environmental friendly product. The soap is so gentle. I just hope that you can make a liquid type of it. Thank you and I will purchase more.”

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12. Nosh! Banana Mango Organic Vegan Baby Munchables, P215

Janina, 30: “My baby loves this. We’ve tried other teething biscuits but this one is my baby’s favorite. It’s crunchy enough for my baby to practice chewing but not too hard for risk of choking. It easily dissolves in the mouth. Tastes good too. Definitely a must have in our diaper bag.”

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13. Philippine Pure Malunggay Powder (200g), now on sale at P270 (limited time only)

Welmie, 24: “Being a first time mom I had a struggle in producing a lot of milk but when I started using this product it increased my milk supply from 2oz to 4oz every pump and I can store more milk for my baby. I highly recommend this product you can add little amount in every food especially smoothie or oatmeal.”

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14. Tiny Buds Baby Chewbrush, P109

Claudine, 30: “I was looking for a toothbrush for my baby for a while now so that I can train her as early as possible on the importance of dental hygiene. I am so happy that I came across this product and have decided to go for this one. The chewbrush is just right for my baby’s tiny hands. It’s lightweight so baby can hold it easily. It’s made of silicone that’s why I can comfortably let my baby use it knowing that it’s safe for her and her gums, since she doesn’t have any teeth yet. It’s soft and also easy to clean. She enjoys using it together with the tooth gel.”

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15. Baby Dove Bathing Bar Sensitive Moisture 75g, P49

Praise: “I have been using dove sensitive bar for my 5 year-old kid since she was younger. Her pedia recommended this soap as an alternative for Cetaphil soap. She told me that my baby’s skin is a little sensitive and must not used ordinary soap for babies. My baby loves this, [it leaves] her skin soft and smooth.

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Minor edits have been made to reviews for brevity and clarity.

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