Your tail looking stale? Let Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Megan Young, and more stars show you how to pretty up that pony.

1. Wrap the base and tie it high:

2. Sling it to the side:

3. Braid the front for texture:

4. Put a bend in the back:

5. Pouf up the crown and let down your tendrils:

A photo posted by Megan Young (@meganbata) on

6. Slick everything down and coil the tail:

A photo posted by Megan Young (@meganbata) on

7. Pair it with messy bangs…

8. Or extra neat bangs:

9. Be inspired by ’50s glamour:

10. Experiment with color:

12. Dive into the wet look:

12. Go for a grungy, lived-in vibe:

13. And never be afraid of styles that make a statement!

Which one do you like best?

Photos via Instagram: @piawurtzbach (1, 2), @yassipressman (1, 2), @lizasoberano (1, 2), @meganbata (1, 2), @kelseymerritt (1, 2), @janinegutierrez (1, 2), @annecurtissmith