Call us obsessed, but here at BeautyMNL, we’re always on the lookout for the latest, buzz-worthy products. After all, we can bet that our best loved brands are always cooking up their next concoction. Our duty? To get first dibs, so that you (our customers!) can have the first pick, frontline and center!

To get you on the hype train, we’ve lined up 13 must-haves that are hot-off-the-griddle here at our HQ. Whether you’re restocking your skincare supply, craving for something to munch on, or simply wanting to treat yo’ self—we’ve got everything you need to get your week on the right track! Ready to see the roundup below? Shake off those Monday blues, and splurge!

1. Colourette Colourtint Matte, P249 You might have heard about Colourette, and it’s no surprise why. This local makeup label has been climbing its way to the top tier of cult-fave cosmetics, all thanks to their quality, cruelty-free formulas that provide nothing but cutting-edge looks. Their hero product? Their lip-and-cheek tint.

If you’re looking to add bolder shades to your collection, try this highly pigmented stain. Infused with argan oil, beeswax, and SPF15, it keeps the lips hydrated and protected as you wear it. Simply swab across your lips and dab across your cheeks, and you’re guaranteed to look kissable (and stay kiss-proof!) all day long.

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2. Tony Moly Aloe 99% Chok Chok Soothing Gel, P198 K-Beauty addicts know this: Tony Moly is a skincare shelf staple. From their moisturizing masks to their clarifying cleansers, they’re definitely a top player that never disappoints. They’ve maintained their reputation by using quality, all-natural ingredients. One classic example? Aloe vera.

This lightweight, refreshing gel restores bounce and softness to dry, irritated skin. It’s perfect for soothing sunburn and inflammation, or simply boosting moisture levels on hot, humid days.

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3. Milani Rose Blush Trio Palette, P799 For Italian-inspired makeup, check out the professional-grade products of Milani. As their name suggests, they’ve designed their whole lineup based on the unique history, art, and culture of Milan. The result? Creative, celestial looks that even Michelangelo would covet!

Take a look at their cheek powders, for example. They’re buildable, blendable, and produce a lasting shimmer that visibly sparkles! This one features a variety of romantic, feminine hues that enhance your cheekbones: a peachy coral, a dusty rose, and rosy bronze.

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4. Dermacol Matt Control Makeup Base, P999 If you thought that medicine and makeup couldn’t work together, think again. Dermacol Cosmetics was the brainchild of studio experts and dermatologists in Prague. They create clinically approved solutions, which effectively treat the skin while enhancing its appearance. Did we mention that they’re known for producing the most full coverage foundation in the world?

If you can’t get your hands on their foundation just yet, opt for their mattifying makeup base. It has a light, creamy, transparent texture that covers up pores and imperfections. It works round the clock, so you can have shine-free, greaseless skin for up to 18 hours.

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5. Kawayan MNL Maria Glass Tea Tumbler, P1,349 Kawayan MNL is a sustainable social enterprise that provides eco-friendly, locally-sourced, bamboo-made products from all over the country. Their tea tumbler is the perfect on-the-go companion for the office, gym, or get-togethers with your fellow tea-loving titas.

Designed with double-walled glass, it locks in heat so that you can comfortably steep hot, loose leaf tea as you hold it. It’s built in with a tea strainer, so that you can easily prepare fruit-infused water before you head out to your day.

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6. Some by Mi Something Moisture Lip Rouge, P600 You might be a fan of their Miracle Toner and Foamcrub, but Some By Mi delivers above and beyond the skincare department. If you haven’t tried their luscious lipsticks, then you’re definitely missing out!

In just a single swipe, you’ll get vivid, creamy lips with a highly pigmented finish. This particular formula is jam-packed with botanical actives and hyaluronic acid, to ensure hydrated lips that stay smooth, supple, and absolutely chap-free.

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7. BaByliss Hot Straightening Brush, P5,650 Have you got frizzy, wild hair that can’t be tamed? For bad hair days, you’re in good hands with BaByliss! They supply salon-quality electronics that can clip, curl, and crimp the most tangled of tresses!

It’s a little bit on the pricey side, but we promise that this hair straightener is just what your mane needs. It’s designed with advanced ceramic bristles that detangle, control, and give a lustrous shine to your locks.

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8. Maybelline Eyebrow Ultra Fluffy, P299 Maybelline has been around for several decades, yet they constantly reinvent and innovate even the most basic makeup essentials. Take their first-of-its-kind, teardrop-shaped eyebrow pen, for example.

With its triangular gel tip, it efficiently and effortlessly applies color and volume to sparse brows. It fills in dull strands and bald spots, while adding a powder-like matte finish. What you get? Perfect brows that are totally on-fleek.

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9. Pixi by Petra Glow Mud Mask, P1,190 Straight from the heart of London, Pixi by Petra has gained worldwide acclaim for their fuss-free, flaw-fixing formulas that perfect and pamper both young and mature skin. If you’re an advocate for clay masks, then this might be your next Holy Grail product!

On top of fruit extracts and plant-based actives, this pore purifier is blended with both kaolin and bentonite clay. Specially made for acne-prone skin, it does everything a clay mask is expected to do and more. Thanks to its secret ingredient—ginseng—it energizes the complexion and stimulates cellular healing.

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10. Precious Herbal Pillow Upper Back Pillow, P2,250 If you’re suffering from back pain, chances are you need to improve your body’s circulation. Our advice? Try an all-natural, herbal pillow by Precious Herbal Pillow.

Filled with herbal seeds, aromatic herbs, and essential oils, this aromatherapeutic herbal pad helps reduce inflammation, calm joint pain and spasms, and loosens stiff muscles. It’s also microwave-safe, so you can heat your pillow and enjoy a warm wind down before you go to bed (or perhaps even before a restorative yoga session). Just what you needed!

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11. Leaders InSolution Lifting Bio-Healthy Multi Mask, P189 If you’re a sheet mask hoarder (guilty!), then have a look-see at the nourishing options of Leaders InSolution. They’re a Korean brand known for their professional-grade sheet masks. Their trade secret? Unlike other brands, they use bio cellulose, an all-natural, ultra-gentle fiber that feels like skin!

This potent restorative is concocted with peptide, marine collagen, evening primrose oil, and vitamins. It’s also infused with coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant that fights aging, toxins, and harmful free radicals.

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12. L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Gray Root Concealer Spray, P399 Bet you’ve wondered how stylists manage to get picture-perfect hair, no matter how drastically they color their hair? We might be stating the obvious, but they probably use L’Oreal for their treatments and touch-ups.

For graying roots, simply spritz on this hair elixir and get instant, yet lasting coverage. It blends with all kinds of shades, and cleanly comes off during your next wash. Salon-style hair? Check!

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13. Stip’s Chips Salted Egg Fish Skin, P295 Admit it: You’ve either gotten on the salted egg craze, or are curious to try it! To satisfy your potato chip and salted egg cravings, get your mouth watering with Stip’s Chips!

Made with 100% deep fried salmon skin, this crunchy snack is seasoned with chili, curry leaves, and premium herbs. It’s the perfect, addictive blend of sweet, spicy, and salty. Want to give in, but don’t know if you should? Come on, you know you deserve it!

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