It is a truth universally acknowledged that, well, some hair days are better than others. So when you wake up with a haystack atop your head, don’t go running to your parlorista just yet. Bookmark this list and peruse our celeb pegs to turn your bad locks into good ones, quickly. (Stars—they’ve got all the secrets.)

1. Sweep your hair to one side with nonchalance like Kim Jones:

A photo posted by Kim Jones (@kimcamjones) on

2. Fashion those strands into a sloppy pony like Saab Magalona:

3. Slick it all back into a ballerina bun like Camillo Co:

A photo posted by Camille Co (@itscamilleco) on

4. Coat it in pomade and holding spray for Liz Uy’s wet look:

A photo posted by Liz Uy (@lizzzuy) on

5. Spray dry shampoo on your roots for volume, scrunch away, then say you’re channeling Coleen Garcia:

6. Work with the messy texture, not against it, like Iza Calzado:

A photo posted by Isabella Calzado (@izacalzado) on

7. But if it’s really, really messy, just toss a hat over it like Liza Soberano:

8. Or rake your mane upwards into a top knot, like BFF Julia Barretto:

9. You could always tame it into a side braid, like Mélania le Troyes:

10. And if all else fails? Accept your fate with humor and elegance, like Kathryn Bernardo:

Just take it one bad hair day at a time, beauties!

Photos via Instagram: @kimcamjones, @saabmagalona, @itscamilleco, @lizzzuy, @coleengarcia, @izacalzado, @lizasoberano (1, 2), @melanialetroyes, @bernardokath