If your goal is to keep your body toned and your diet healthy, we have only one piece of advice: don’t eat less—eat better. Wellness starts in the kitchen!

Feeling extra bloated lately from the start of the holiday feasts? Us, too. So we did our research and came up with a list of 10 guilt-free eats to help deflate a distended belly and depuff that swollen face. Let’s do this!
1. Lemon Water. While most people believe drinking water contributes to bloating, it actually does the opposite! A high H2O intake promotes urination and effectively flushes out the fluids that cause bloating. If you add lemon to your water, you can also reap the extra benefits of Vitamin C: namely, a decrease in fatigue, sugary cravings, and over-eating.
2. Celery. Like most vegetables with a high water content, celery is a natural diuretic. In other words, it promotes urination to decrease your body’s water retention. Celery’s crunchy stalks also help with digestion, regularizing bowel movement and reducing excess gas (which happens to be the culprit behind the dreaded beer belly).
3. Watermelon. This juicy summer snack is another awesome diuretic. Made of 92% water, watermelons promote detoxification and contribute greatly to your daily H2O intake. It’s also rich in potassium, which helps balance out the sodium levels usually responsible for bloating.
4. Yogurt. Ever wonder why this milk-free dessert is a go-to snack among fitness junkies? Yogurt contains the gut-friendly bacteria known as probiotics, which reduce excess gas that accumulates in the stomach over time. Start your day right with a cup of plain yogurt for breakfast or add fruit toppings for an extra health kick!
5. Beans & Lentils. These bite-sized fixes are rich in potassium and fiber, two essential de-bloating properties. The high amount of fiber in lentils aids in digestion, while potassium-rich beans balance out sodium and reduce bloating almost immediately.
6. Cucumber. Like many green veggies, cucumbers contain sulfur and silicon properties that stimulate the kidneys. This results in a natural cleanse that flushes out toxins and uric acid from the body. Snacking on a few slices can help flatten your tummy the same way placing them on your eyes help reduce puffiness.
7. Bananas. Joining the roster of potassium-rich foods is our favorite tropical fruit! Bananas balance out sodium to reduce inflammation and are extremely easy to digest. They make you feel full without the icky, lethargic feeling that comes with bloating. That’s why these yellow-skinned fruits have become such a popular post-workout snack!
8. Asparagus. In addition to being a superfood, natural diuretic, and generally delicious veggie, asparagus is also a probiotic. Its fiber-rich stalks feed the probiotics in the gut, increasing overall digestive health as a result. Remember, better digestion equals less gas, and less gas equals less bloating!
9. Ginger. Make yourself a cup of belly-deflating tea by mixing sliced ginger roots and hot water. Ginger is considered a carminative herb, similar to peppermint and chamomile, which are known to help reduce gas. Its bitter flavor also stimulates the digestive tract and the flow of saliva for easier digestion.
10. Salmon. The superior levels of Omega-3 found in salmon have made this fish a widely coveted viand. Not only does the rich fatty acid significantly decrease inflammation, it also helps with weight loss! If you want your good jeans to fit the way they used to, switch out the carbs for more of this lean meat.

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