It’s a new year, full of hope and promise, and though experience tells us that resolutions are more often forgotten than fulfilled, we’re curating a new list for 2019 anyway. Luckily, this list of 10 is designed around realistic goals instead of lofty self-promises (Run a triathlon! Meditate 20 minutes everyday! Resist the pizza!) that we know we’re going to make… and break.

That being said, here’s everything we’ve vowed to do for our health in 2019—and trust us when we say that we’re going to stick to them this time: 1. Make sleep a priority.
Between our busy work schedules and jam-packed social obligations, we could all benefit from a few extra hours of shut-eye. Make sleep a priority this year, and watch your productivity and mood rise; at least 7-9 hours a night should leave you well rested. Now go and catch all the ZZZs you missed!

2. Find a workout you love.
Most people associate working out with pain. But, in reality, the two don’t have to be synonymous. If you want to work out more consistently this year, it’s important to find an exercise you actually enjoy doing. Maybe it’s taking your dog on a stroll, or maybe it’s a 7AM CrossFit WOD—whatever it is, make sure it’s something you LOVE. 3. Stop restricting your diet.
If you’ve resolved to lose a few pounds, your first instinct might be to eat less of what you want. But your weight loss journey shouldn’t have to be paved with sad desk lunches. Instead, focus on finding healthier alternatives for your favorite foods and drinking more water. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy a cheat meal every now and again!

4. Learn to say “no.”
We’ve learned that saying “yes” often opens up a world of opportunity, but you’ll find that saying “no” can better our lives, too. By saying “no” to things you don’t have any heart for, you’re not just saving yourself precious time for things you actually want to do but also other people’s.

5. Create time for self-care.
We all want to be the healthiest, happiest version of ourselves, but sometimes, the most effective route to reaching that goal is slowing down and indulging ourselves a little. Whether it’s a long shower or watching an episode on Netflix with a sheet mask on, don’t be afraid to take it easy once in a while. Trust us, you’ll be better for it! 6. Rethink your social media habits.
Our phones are basically an extension of ourselves. But, by the same token, it’s also a root cause of our anxiety. If you get nervous every time you’re on social media, it’s time to reevaluate your habits. Unfollow people who make you feel bad. Mute users who spread negativity. And allow yourself to step back from heated online discussion.

7. Go outside more.
We spend most of our time indoors—and while this isn’t unusual, it’s not exactly the most beneficial. Being surrounded by greenery, on the other hand, is proven to increase oxygen levels and lower cortisol. In fact, you’d be surprised at how just 10 minutes outside can uplift your mood. So go on, and get out of the house!

8. Weigh yourself less.
It’s easy to become obsessed with the scale, especially when you’re looking to lose weight. But weighing yourself too much is linked to depression and a lower self-esteem. Instead, just focus on eat healthy and moving frequently and see how you feel. Don’t let the numbers define you! 9. Allow yourself to take breaks.
With the world moving at a breakneck speed, it might feel like you have to move at the same pace. But, more often than not, this just leads to burnout. Permit yourself to take a pause every now and again. This will not only prevent stress, but are also proven to boost productivity and focus. Now that is time well spent!

10. Practice gratitude.
More often than not, we focus on what’s wrong in our lives as opposed to what’s going right. This usually sends us on a spiral of negativity, which just makes us feel bad about ourselves. Luckily, you can undo the bad vibes by practicing gratitude. Just thinking about one thing you’re thankful for daily can do wonders for you.

Here’s to a healthier, happier 2019!

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