Happy Hollow’s Eve, beauties! With less than 24 hours to go before the costume parties commence, we’re sure some of you are scrambling to put together a get-up. The good news? With a little face paint and some DIY hairstyling, you can turn yourself into a pop culture icon everybody will recognize. Check out 10 last-minute ideas below!


…better known as Zhang Ziyi in Memoirs of a Geisha. To transform yourself into this pale-faced protagonist, you’ll need a steady hand and all the poise you can muster (not to mention, a kimono). Use a very light shade of foundation to even out your complexion, mattifying with a heavy-duty product like Palgantong Theatrical Powder. Use a black gel liner to rim your lids—upper and lower. Then, fill in your lips with a ruby red like Chanel Pirate (we also recommend a lip brush for geisha-level precision). A sleek, gelled-up topknot completes the look.


Brit-Brit’s iconic schoolgirl fashion from the “Baby One More Time” video should be easy enough to piece together, and the beauty bit is no different! Punch up that youthful, no-makeup makeup with frosted pink lipstick, then braid your hair into high pigtails. Remember, the fluffy scrunchies and fuchsia ribbons are everything.


Channel the fearless soldier played by Charlize Theron in this year’s Mad Max: Fury Road. Imperator Furiosa wields huge weapons, saves fellow females from slavery, and looks good even when covered in grime! Just slick your hair back in a bun to mimic her skinhead and smear black eyeshadow all over the top half of your face. To complete the look, slip into cargo pants, combat boots, and a dirty shirt (just this once!). You are now ready to kick some serious butt.


This infamous 18-year-old might be done with her juicy pout, but the rest of the world has yet to move on. For a Kylie-inspired look, part your ‘do straight down the middle (because the K-clan only does center parts), then carry out the full Kardashian contour. The pièce de résistance would be Kylie’s overlined lips. Rosanna Aranaz has a step-by-step guide.


First, you’ll need to paint your face white. Next, chisel out your cheekbones with berry blush until you get a frightfully sharp contour. Smudge a similar berry lipstick over your lips—the deeper, the better. For Natalie’s unforgettable eye makeup, take a black felt-tip liner and stroke this over your eyelids until you create a feathery shape. Then it’s just a matter of getting into your glitziest LBD and crowning your ballerina bun with a tiara.


Ari’s look is all about that half-pony. Blow-dry your hair until it’s sleek and straight, then pull up one section to make a bouncy high ponytail. For makeup, think off-stage popstar: fluffy falsies, a sharp cat eye, and rosy nude lipstick. Fashion-wise, the glamorous Miss Grande likes things short and tight—plus points for go-go boots!


Don’t fret if you can’t find a green bodysuit in your mom’s baul—the hair and makeup will speak for itself. No wigs, either! To get Poison Ivy’s fiery red mane, you can use a temporary hair dye (we suggest Palty Bubble Hair Color in Raspberry Jam). For the makeup, stencil a winged leaf design around your eyes with green shadow and coat your lips in copper gloss.


The Biebs and androgynous actress Ruby Rose have been twinning all over the Interwebs lately, sporting full-sleeve tattoos and heartbreaker hair. Now, if you’re really lazy, here’s a low-key costume you can throw together in minutes. Simply slip into a tank top and cover your arms in temporary tattoos! We like the Tattly Black Set for this—zero needles, pretty believable effect. The only makeup you’ll need is for this duo’s matching “power brow.” Be generous with the brow powder and brow mascara for a more masculine look.


The exponentially fearless Lady Gaga doesn’t need Halloween to don a terrifying costume. Her portrayal of the vampiric Countess Elizabeth in American Horror Story: Hotel is not for the faint of heart! But if you emulate this vile glamour girl, start by erasing your eyebrows. After you’ve applied your makeup base, sweep a thick layer of foundation over your brows and pat-pat-pat with powder until they’re completely camouflaged. You’ll want a crimson lip for this look; you can even use liquid lipstick to add a trail of fake blood down your chin! The Countess’ coif is a luxurious low bun—the perfect touch for her cutthroat, cool-as-steel demeanor.


Here’s a “built-in” costume idea for all you curly-haired girls: JUST BE LORDE. Let your curls flow free and rock a deep side part so you can toss everything to one side in true wildchild fashion. The makeup is modern, slightly gothic, and very easy. Just use the darkest pencil you have to flick your lids and color in your brows, then slap on a vampy violet lipstick (try Royals by Pink Sugar). The best part? Lorde’s fashion sense is super simple—all black. Now sing it with us: And we’ll never be royals, roooyals!

Photos courtesy of Kennedy Miller Productions (Mad Max: Fury Road), Columbia Pictures Corporation (Memoirs of a Geisha), Fox Searchlight Pictures (Black Swan), Warner Bros. (Poison Ivy), FX (Lady Gaga), Jive Records (Britney Spears), MAC Cosmetics (Lorde), Calvin Klein (Justin Bieber), Instagram: @kyliejenner, @arianagrande, @rubyrose