We’re all about lifestyle solutions here at BeautyMNL, which is why our assortment grows ever larger. For wellness alone, we’ve got everything from sleep-aiding essential oil blends and PCOS-friendly pantry staples to, well, lube. In short: we’d carry anything that’ll make your lives easier.
So, if you’re always on the lookout for tools and tricks to make your every day run smoother, don’t skip this roundup. Something among these 10 handy wellness products might be just what you need!


1. Kool Foldable Cup (355ml), now on sale at P269 (limited time only) A food-grade, collapsible silicone cup designed with a heat sleeve for convenient, accident-safe sipping on the go. Shop it here.

2. Kool Foldable Bottle Sports Edition, now on sale at P576 (limited time only) A food-grade, collapsible silicone bottle with quirky designs that sports fans and kids alike would love to carry to the court or field. Shop it here.

3. Philippine Pure Malunggay 350mg (150 Capsules), now on sale at P476 (limited time only) Antioxidant- and vitamin-rich malunggay leaf powder in 350mg capsules, perfect for busy nursing mothers and people who need more greens. Shop it here.

4. Pik-A-Pikel Spicy Pickled Mangoes (350g), P204 A pack of spicy, sweet-and-salty pickled green mangoes that work as a condiment, a side dish to fried or grilled food, or even as a tangy snack. Shop it here.

5. Pik-A-Pikel Original Pickled Mangoes (350g), P200 The same pack of versatile and tasty pickled green mangoes, minus the spice for those who prefer a milder flavor profile. Shop it here.

6. Pure Bliss Liquid Aerosol Dispenser (5100LED), now on sale at P2,250 (limited time only) An infrared spray machine that automatically dispenses scent like an aerosol spray to keep your space smelling fresh and clean. Shop it here.

7. Pure Bliss Poopoori Spray (10ml), now on sale at P120 (limited time only) An odor-neutralizing spray in a range of delightful scents to make emergency trips to the restroom a lot less embarrassing. Shop it here.

8. SOZO Natural Keto Creamer (500ml), P2,015 A keto-friendly creamer loaded with healthy fats from MCT oil and grass-fed (ghee) butter to aid in weight loss, increase mental focus, and manage appetite. Shop it here.

9. SOZO Natural Magnecel 300 (250ml), P1,200 A pure magnesium chloride spray that eases post-workout muscle pain and various aches, reduces stress, and promotes better rest overall. Shop it here.

10. Tonik Turmeric (Curcumin), now on sale at P2,125 (limited time only) Health-boosting medicinal curcumin in easy-to-swallow, 750mg gel capsules that help treat inflammation and improve brain function. Shop it here.

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