Watch the throne: K-beauty will not give up its crown in 2017. In fact, we’re making extra room on our vanities for more SoKo creations—starting with the 10 discovery brands below. Some are totally new, while others are oldies but goodies making a big comeback. They’re bound to end up in your routine one way or another!

1. HEIMISH (hey-mish) 
WHY WE LOVE IT: Modern, chic, and totally unique, Heimish has created quite the buzz since launching in 2016. Its versatile and foolproof products have catapulted the brand into rising stardom—and you’ll hear a lot about their clean, fresh scent profile. Take note: Heimish is paraben-free! HERO PRODUCT: The All Clean Balm, an oil-based makeup remover. It’s got a rich sherbet consistency that melts through waterproof makeup, as well as a beautiful herbal smell.

Shop Heimish here.

2. TOSOWOONG (toh-soh-wong) WHY WE LOVE IT: Tosowoong was designed especially for skin trouble. It uses proven natural ingredients to clear acne-prone skin and nourish it back to health. HERO PRODUCT: The Enzyme Powder Wash, a low PH powder-based cleanser that you mix with water. It exfoliates the skin, clears congested pores, and is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Shop Tosowoong here.

3. A’PIEU (ah-pyoo) WHY WE LOVE IT: The affordable, no-frill formulas and très chic packaging make this a makeup junkie’s dream. A’pieu’s products aim to enhance, rather than mask, your natural beauty. HERO PRODUCT: The Airfit Cushion, one of the most budget-friendly cushion foundations in K-beauty. It delivers a dewy, light-as-air finish with SPF50.

Shop A’pieu here.

4. DEAR KLAIRS (deer-klers) WHY WE LOVE IT: Dear Klairs’ products aren’t just cruelty-free—they’re also hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin. The brand boasts of an 80% repurchase rate, so, yeah, the hype is real. HERO PRODUCT: The Supple Preparation Facial Toner, a must-have for anyone who uses actives. This toner helps maximize the absorption rate of your other skincare products and is also unusually hydrating.

Shop Dear Klairs here.

5. NEOGEN (nee-yoh-jen) WHY WE LOVE IT: Crafted with advanced bio-technology, Neogen’s goal is to refine your skin at whatever state it’s in. Its award-winning formulas inject youthfulness into aging skin and restore the health of blemished skin. HERO PRODUCT: The Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine pads. Each pad is soaked in a red wine formula that exfoliates dead skin, prevents blackhead formation, and fights premature aging.

Shop Neogen here.

6. APRIL SKIN (april skin) WHY WE LOVE IT: April Skin was named for the cherry blossom month in South Korea (a fact that is completely charming to us). Using only natural ingredients, the brand aspires to bring your complexion back to a “blooming, spring-like state.” HERO PRODUCT: The Magic Snow Cushion, a 45% water-based liquid foundation that’s now on its second iteration. It’s capable of that soft-matte, full-coverage, no-makeup makeup look.

Shop April Skin here.

7. SON & PARK (suhn and park) WHY WE LOVE IT: In Korea, Son & Park is synonymous with “dewy.” The two celebrity makeup artists behind the brand basically invented the honey skin trend! Naturally, their namesake brand focuses on enhancing the complexion for a luminous, youthful look. HERO PRODUCT: The Beauty Water, which works as both a micellar water and toner. This gentle solution counteracts skin-dullness and preps the face for makeup application.

Shop Son & Park here.

8. DR. JART+ (doctor zhart) WHY WE LOVE IT: Hailed the No. 1 in Dermatological Cosmetics, Dr. Jart+ enjoys a huge celebrity and supermodel following. Bet you didn’t know it was a Korean brand! Now better than ever, Dr. Jart+ will reel you in with its ultra-hydrating formulas and innovative makeup solutions. HERO PRODUCT: The Nourishing Beauty Balm Black Plus, one of the most beloved BB creams on the market. It’s got a skin-like finish, anti-inflammatory benefits, and SPF25.

Shop Dr. Jart+ here.

9. TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL (too cool for school) WHY WE LOVE IT: Too Cool For School is super fun, image-wise, and super practical, formula-wise. The quirky illustrated packaging will pique your curiosity, but the ergonomic design and fab results will win your heart. HERO PRODUCT: The Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher, a lovely liquid blush even a toddler could use. Its unique sponge applicator dispenses vibrant pigment then blends it out for a natural flush.

Shop Too Cool For School here.

10. BENTON (ben-tohn) WHY WE LOVE IT: Efficiency is key with Benton. You might not have heard of it yet, but this brand is loved far and wide for its zit-busting, age-defying line. Its products are potent and productive, soothing acne-prone pelts and reviving the skin’s natural glow. HERO PRODUCT: The Snail Bee Content Essence, which is formulated with 90% snail extract and bee venom. This potent serum heals acne, diminishes scars, and plumps up fine lines.

Shop Benton here.

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