There’s always something new in beauty, which means your routine can never truly be set in stone. Sure, you might find a product or two that can claim the holy grail throne and stay there. But as your skin and your preferences change, you’ll no doubt open your top shelf up to other cult favorites that are worth your coin.

Overwhelmed by your options? We get it, and we want to help you narrow ‘em down. Below, you’ll find 10 global beauty finds we’ve handpicked from SoKor, Paris, the UK—and everywhere else the beauty scene thrives in. Scroll for your next essential!

1. Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam, P650 WHAT IT IS: A deep-cleansing, non-stripping foam cleanser that draws out pore-clogging dirt and oil with Amazon white clay

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE IT: “I do double cleansing with this and my face feels really clean after every use. After swiping my toner, I don’t get any BB cream or dirt residue, which means that this cleanses my face well. And most importantly, no adjusting periods, so no breakouts.” —Jacky, 28

Shop it here.

2. Esfolio Essence Mask Sheets, P54

WHAT THEY ARE: Highly concentrated sheet masks soaked in various nourishing essences that target different skin concerns

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE THEM: “I love Esfolio and how cheap and effective their products are. I usually hoard their facial masks, since each variant is so good at making my skin feel healthy, soft, and supple! I just love that glass skin effect they give me. You can’t go wrong with this brand.” —Nanami, 24

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3. Shiseido Tsubaki Moist Shampoo Refill and Conditioner Refill (330ml), P540

WHAT THEY ARE: A gentle, moisture-boosting shampoo and conditioner set that strengthens dry hair and enhances shine with flower extracts

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE THEM: “Dandruff was my problem before because of my dry scalp. I tried the Tsubaki set and it works! No more dandruff and itchy scalp. Plus, it makes my hair shiny and the scent is good. I’ve been using this for 8 months now, and I will never switch to other brand!” —Sherylyn, 31

Shop them here and here.

4. Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation Powder, P695

WHAT IT IS: A mattifying, buildable powder foundation in a portable compact that offers light coverage and SPF20

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE IT: “I have super oily skin, especially in the summer, and this is the only powder that lasts me all day with little retouch. Even though it’s more expensive than other similar items, I can save on its use with a brush. Another great thing is that it is compact so the powder doesn’t get everywhere. It’s easy on the skin, lightweight, and appears natural.” —Cherrie, 37

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5. Australis Banana Powder, P595

WHAT IT IS: A yellow-toned, brightening powder that can enhance facial contours, set makeup, and color-correct redness

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE IT: “When I tried it, it did lighten the dark circles under my eyes. I think would be perfect for any skin tone. It will give you a matte finish. I really love the result upon applying it on my face. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free, and that’s what I love most about this product.” —Abigail, 33

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6. Vidal Sassoon Ion Shine Full Cushion Brush, P440 (limited time only)

WHAT IT IS: A styling brush that makes use of ionic conditioning to smoothen and straighten hair while sealing in natural oils

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE IT: “This is probably the best hair brush I’ve tried so far. It’s very gentle on the scalp. At the same time, you feel so relaxed because it feels like someone’s massaging your head.” —Ina, 21

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7. Holika Holika AC Mild Cleansing Foam (150ml), P499

WHAT IT IS: An ultra gentle cleansing foam that unclogs pores, gets rid of stubborn dirt, and diminishes acne-causing bacteria

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE IT: “Probably the most gentle cleanser that I’ve tried. It’s easy to lather on and it doesn’t leave any stinging sensation or tight feeling when you rinse it off. Also, it really smells nice and refreshing! It healed and cleared up my forehead acne in about a week. It’s a holy grail for me!” —Uzzel, 22

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8. It’s Skin Jelly Tong-Tong Tint, P299

WHAT IT IS: A moisturizing jelly-like lip and cheek tint with a fun, fruity flavor and vivid color payoff in every swipe

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE IT: “I highly recommend these tints to make-up newbies and high schoolers, since it can give you that needed blush throughout the day for a very affordable price. And with the variety of colors to choose from, you’d definitely find the perfect au naturale look for your skin complexion.” —Shove, 22

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9. Nuxe Paris Rose Petal Gentle Toning Lotion, P978 (limited time only)

WHAT IT IS: A sensitive skin-friendly hydrating toning lotion that refreshes your complexion with comforting rose petals

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE IT: “I love the scent of this, it gives you the impression that it really is from rose petals. I can say that it’s also gentle and never leaves my skin greasy, even if I layer it. Another thing I noticed is that it helps my skin absorb the next products I apply.” —Anna, 37

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10. Rorec Snail Moisturizing Hydra Skin Cream, P349 (limited time only)

WHAT IT IS: A facial cream made with snail filtrate and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate skin and restore its moisture barrier

WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE IT: “It’s very compatible with the acids I’ve been using. I didn’t experience any redness, irritation, or bumps. The texture is lightweight and easily absorbs into my skin. I don’t wake up with a greasy face, which I usually experience with heavy night creams. It’s really worth the price.” —Charito, 41

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Minor edits have been made to reviews for brevity and clarity.

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