While blowout bars are expanding their reign at the speed of light, we think everyone should master the art of the blow-dry. You know, in case of emergencies—like when you’re too broke from all the Christmas-shopping to book an appointment. Here’s what you need to know.
1. DO use a lightweight conditioner if you plan on blow-drying. Very dense, oil-based conditioners will only weigh down your hair, making it look limp instead of bouncy. (Right now, we like TRESemmé’s Keratin Smooth Conditioner, which also has amazing anti-frizz benefits.)

2. DON’T aggressively towel off your wet hair. This will put tangles in it, which you must ease out before you blow-dry (and that can take ages). Instead, press your hair between the folds of your towel to squeeze out excess water. Even better, spritz it with a quick-dry spray to speed up the evaporation of moisture!

3. DO separate your hair into sections before you blow-dry it and clip these sections into place. Four sections are enough for fine hair, while thick hair will need six, sometimes even eight! Sectioning helps sculpt the way your hair falls post-blowout, so it rests neatly and naturally on your shoulders and down your back. When you don’t section, you’ll often wind up with one big puff.

4. DON’T skip your heat protectant! This is what ensures a shiny, silky curtain of hair as a result of your blow-dry. Without it, your hair will often end up matte, crunchy, and dry-looking.

5. DO hold your blow-dryer with your writing hand. This will give you maximum control over the tool. With your brush in your other hand, blow-dry each section one at a time, holding the section taut and following the dryer with the brush.
6. DON’T let the blow-dryer get too close to your scalp! Otherwise, you’ll get scalded by hot air. An inch is the closest a dryer should get.

7. DO pull your hair taut in strategic directions: upwards if you want big, voluminous hair, and sidewards if you just need a little lift.

8. DON’T use a roller brush if you’re not a pro! It takes some getting used to, and will get your hair all gnarled and tangled if you don’t have an experienced hand. A simple paddle brush will do if you’re a first-timer.

9. DO set your finished hair with holding mist. If you don’t want to repeat the entire blow-drying process the next day, you can use dry shampoo at the roots or even a specialty style extender!

10. DON’T let errant baby hairs stress you out. Just do this.

And there you have it! Now you’re all set for the best blowout of your life (cue hair flip).

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