1. DO drink at least eight glasses of water a day. I’m probably sure you’ve heard this a million times, but it really does wonders for your skin.

2. DON’T forget to remove your makeup—no matter how tired you are—after a long day of work. Your skin needs to breathe, and it should always be smooth and clean before you sleep.

3. DO take different lipsticks with you every time you travel. A different lip color can totally change your entire look and feel, so if you’re in a hurry, you can even skip the rest of your face! Try pinks and nudes during the day for a fresh look and plums and reds at night for that sultry, sexy vibe.

4. DON’T forget to apply sunscreen on your face every day. Our faces are exposed to the harsh sun daily, even when we’re not at the beach, so it’s important to use sun protection to prevent wrinkles, freckles, and the like.

5. DO have an overnight toiletry kit packed at all times. I know packing can be a hassle, but if you keep all your mini beauty products in one place (moisturizer, makeup remover, facial wash, you name it) you can just grab that kit every time you go out of town. (A great tip for holiday travel!)
6. DON’T overdo your contouring. I’m guilty of this myself. Many women get too…excited when they contour their features. But keep in mind that you don’t want to look like you have dirt streaked over your face because you applied too much bronzer or didn’t blend your contouring cream well.

7. DO use styling tools in moderation. If you can help it, try not to blow-dry your hair or use curling/straightening irons every day. The heat from these tools will damage your hair, turning it dry, brittle, and no longer shiny. I like to face the fan to air-dry my hair or set my blow-dryer on cold when I use it. My hair takes longer to dry, but at least it’s not damaged!

8. Don’t use too many Instagram filters for your FOTDs. Keep the light, shadows, and colors as natural as possible.

9. DO match your makeup with your outfit. If you’re wearing something printed and colorful, tone down the bright eyeshadows and crazy lipstick colors. If you’re wearing something plain, feel free to go all out! Remember, it’s all about balance.

10. DON’T expect to have perfect skin all the time. We all experience breakouts, so don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s really a matter of using the right products for your skin type. When you get a zit, don’t panic! It’ll go away eventually.

Photography: Jonas Asistio. Makeup: Mayesa delos Santos. Hair: Kierlo Velasco. Nails: Lifestyle Salon by Louis Phillip Kee. Art Direction: Erika Gue. Lighting: Ronan Espadero. Sittings Editor: Stephanie Castillo. Assisted by Hillary Ang.