Trends in beauty will always be a mixed bag. It takes a lot of practice to spot the gems—like natural brows, for instance, or a clean cat eye—and often, that means having to pick up a bunch of new products. Unless, of course, you luck out with one product that lets you have everything. And this is where multi-purpose makeup sticks come in. For the K-beauty obsessed, the cutely-named Rolling Rolling Multi-Stick by Abbamart is one such lucky find. To prove it, we road-tested three buzzy Korean makeup trends using only this stick. Scroll for the how-tos!


With summer fast approaching, you’ll want an everyday eye look that’ll match the season. This one is inspired by golden sun rays. It brightens up your eyes with a wash of coral (a K-beauty mainstay), orange, or yellow.

STEP 1: Prepare your base. To ensure even texture and color, apply a thin layer of concealer, foundation, or eyelid primer. STEP 2: Apply the color to your lids. For this step, you may use the multi-stick directly over your eye lids. Alternatively, you may use your fingertips to transfer the pigment. STEP 3: Blend, blend, blend. Using either a trusty eyeshadow brush or the warmth of your fingers, blend out any harsh lines. You can go as poppin’ or as subtle as you’d like—there are no rules here!


While gradient lips will continue to sweep, the orange popsicle pout is getting lots of love, too. Like your classic red, it also comes in a range of scene-stealing shades. You’re sure to find one that works for you!

STEP 1: Prepare your base. For the perfect pout, make sure your lips are moisturized. Use a lip scrub to get rid of any dead skin. STEP 2: Apply the color to your lips. You may also use the multi-stick directly over your lips. For a more precise application, you may opt to use a lip brush for the product. STEP 3: Get rid of any excess product. For a longer wear time, take some tissue and dab it on your lips. Finish with gloss!


If you’re a fan of the drunk blush, this one can pass for its sister. But instead of bringing the color from your cheeks to the bridge of your nose, punch blush extends to your temples. It’s meant to give you a vividly blooming appearance. We know it sounds a little much—but when have K-beauty trends ever steered us wrong?

STEP 1: Prepare your base. Before anything else, make sure your skin is nourished with moisturizer and SPF. Apply coverage as desired. STEP 2: Apply the color to your cheeks and temples. To achieve this blush look, you’ll need to bring the color all the way up to your temples. STEP 3: Build it up to your satisfaction. Glow get it, girl!
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